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Transparent Practices Make Great Products

Our Farm is also our home. We treat our employees and every one joins our invitation in eating our strawberries like family.

We want you to know how your strawberries are grown, when they were picked, and ultimately how they got into your hands so that you can trust our “Berries With Care.”

Tradition With A Touch of Modern

Growing Practices

Glenmary Farms uses two and a half acres of greenhouses to hydroponically grow around half a million pounds of strawberries each year with the addition of supplementary lighting. You can learn more about the technology we use at NGSystem.com

Labor Practices

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer that proudly hires single parents, adults with disabilities, and veterans. If you are looking for a job, feel free to reach out on our contact page!

Logistics Practices

We partner with grocers local to our mid-atlantic region so that we can handle as much of the cold-chain and distribution in as short a period of time as possible. 

Trace Your Berry

From Pick To Pack

We pick our berries fresh, daily in order to support the constant year-round demand for local strawberries. They are immediately packed and placed in refrigerated cold-storage.

From Pack To Truck

Within 24 hours of being packed and kept in cold storage, our berries are placed in either our or our partner’s refrigerated trucks that drive directly to your grocery store.

From Truck To Shelf

Within 48 hours of being packed, our strawberries are ready to be eaten right off your local grocery store shelf. Just be sure to purchase them before sneaking a bite on your commute home!

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